2015 Field Days in Illinois

Between June 24th and September 10th, 2015, Illinois growers and related members of the agricultural industry will attend 11 field day events at various locations across the state, all hosted by Western Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, and University of Illinois Extension. Field days provide participants with not only the chance to learn about the latest research findings related to current crop and pest issues in Illinois in comparison to previous data, but also the opportunity to expand their network by socializing with other growers, agricultural researchers and agri-business professionals.

During field days, attendees will be accompanied by university faculty, staff and graduate students on informal guided tours of various research plots where they can compare the results of different commercial input programs on crops, and also have the chance to ask the researchers any questions they might have. Each field day will offer a different agenda, so there will be a variety of ways for participants to further their agronomic knowledge.

The first 2015 field day is set for Wednesday, June 24th at the University of Illinois Crop Sciences Research and Education Center, in Urbana, IL. This tour will focus on weed science and look at various corn and soybean herbicide programs, as well as give a sneak peek at a few new products soon to be on the market. The cost of the Urbana weed science field tour is $10, with lunch provided.

Included in the list of field day events is International Agronomy Day 2015, held on August 31st in Urbana, IL, which aims to engage agriculturalists around the world to discuss global food production. The event includes in-field presentations by specialists at the University of Illinois, including:

  • Emerson D. Nafziger, professor of crop sciences and agronomist, who will present research on corn plant density in fields
  • Adam Davis, research ecologist, who will present and demonstrate the first Harrington Seed Destructor operating in North America, used in harvest-time weed seed control
  • Brian Diers, professor of crop sciences, who will discuss research on the impact of 80 years of breeding on soybean traits
  • Patrick Tranel, professor of molecular weed science, who will discuss current research efforts regarding the evolutionary factors governing herbicide-resistant weeds
  • George Czapar, associate dean and director at University of Illinois Extension, who will discuss reducing the impacts of agriculture on water quality in Illinois
  • Maria Villamil, assistant professor of sustainable cropping systems, who will discuss the pros and cons of cover crop use in Illinois

Those who would like to register for the June 24th Weed Science Field Day or any of the other 10 field days this year can go to http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3218 to see a list of the 2015 field day events in Illinois and event contact information. For information on International Agronomy Day please visit http://internationalagronomyday.org.