Application flexibility: How would you like to apply your nitrogen on your schedule?

As a busy grower it would be highly advantageous to apply nitrogen at a time that fits your schedule. Because the risk of nitrogen loss can be affected by when you apply the fertilizer, conventional nitrogen sources need to be applied at the right time for optimum performance.

And the stakes are high. Apply conventional nitrogen too soon, too late,  in soil that’s too cold, too wet or too dry and you’ll be wasting your nitrogen and depriving your crops at critical growth stages.

Controlled release nitrogen gives you application flexibility

ESN® SMART NITROGEN® is a controlled release fertilizer, consisting of a urea granule, encapsulated in a polymer coating. It provides unsurpassed application flexibility because its unique technology protects the nitrogen from loss mechanisms and controls its release to more closely match plant demand. This unique technology responds to soil temperature, an important factor in plant growth rate. Here’s how ESN delivers application flexibility:

– Fall application: ESN won’t release into cold or frozen ground

– Rain after application:  ESN  reduces the risk of your nitrogen  leaching beyond the root zone.

– Dry conditions: ESN will conserve nitrogen until enough moisture is available

ESN’s flexible application rates and times

Visit with your local retailer or contact your local ESN Marketing Rep to create the best fertility management program for your crop. Options based on soil type and local conditions.


Greater convenience – and productivity

Greater application flexibility means you can apply your nitrogen when it suits your schedule, allowing you to organize your many tasks for maximum productivity.

Less nitrogen loss

ESN’s nitrogen is protected by its polymer coating so there is far less risk of denitrification, volatilization and leaching.

Greater crop safety

Applying conventional nitrogen at the wrong time – or in too-large quantities – can damage seeds and seedlings. ESN however, can be applied at rates up to three times the seed safe rate of conventional nitrogen fertilizers.

The bottom line

Dr. Alan Blaylock, Nutrien Agronomy Manager sums up the advantages of controlled release N for farmers seeking application flexibility: “Traditional management practices call for farmers to minimize the amount of time N is sitting in the soil, but when you protect N from loss, it allows for more flexibility of application. ESN is like a small storage facility for the N, protecting it until the appropriate time for the crop to use it.”

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