Boosting potato productivity and profitability with enhanced efficiency fertilizers


Nutrien Senior Agronomist Dr. Alan Blaylock shares how enhanced efficiency fertilizers can simplify nitrogen management in potatoes in this presentation from the 2020 Potato Expo.

Many unique and complex nitrogen management challenges such as shallow roots and nitrogen sensitivity, can make application timing difficult to manage. Potatoes are often grown in sandy soils which are prone to nitrogen loss. Enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) are a great way to protect against nitrogen loss and deliver nitrogen to potato crops over a longer period of time. Watch the video above to learn about the different types of EEFs, including urease inhibitors, nitrification inhibitors and controlled-release nitrogen, along with which one performs best in potato production.

For more information about controlled-release nitrogen use for potatoes, watch this virtual crop tour showcasing ESN in potatoes or this research review with Dr. Bryan Hopkins.

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