An Illinois corn study shows ESN Smart Nitrogen is the ‘smart’ choice

An Illinois corn study shows ESN Smart Nitrogen is the smart choice


All plots also received 10 lbs N/acre as DAP before planting. 2 Treatments were applied on May 4 and incorporated 2 days after application. 3 Coron® was applied in addition to UAN as a foliar application at V6 (June 19) according to label recommendations. This treatment therefore received a total of 62.4 lbs of N/acre or 12.4 lbs N/acre more than all other treatments. 4 Estimated from local retail pricing. 5 Calculated from yield increase at $3.00/bu for corn.

ESN produced higher yields and greater profits than other nitrogen additives.

A study in Northeast Illinois conducted by Dr. Randy Simonson of Total Soil Management (TSM) of Catlin, Illinois, compares UAN, UAN plus additives, and ESN under nitrogen stressed conditions. Replicated treatments (shown in the table above) were purposely applied at deficient nitrogen (N) rates to maximize potential differences in N-use efficiency. All products were applied to supply 60 lbs of N/acre before planting, except the Coron® treatment.

For the corn yields shown in the table below, ESN was the only product that produced a statistically significant yield increase over untreated UAN solution. That yield increase of 30 bu/acre was worth over $80 more per acre than conventional UAN and much more than other UAN additives. The clear winner in this study is ESN from Nutrien. Contact your ESN sales representative for more information on how you can start getting the benefits of ESN Smart Nitrogen.