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ESN Simplifies Forage Nitrogen (N) Management

Means of four years and two forage varieties combined (timothy and bromegrass)
ESN Fall @ 125 lb N/ac; Spring Blend ESN 35%:Urea 65% ; Urea split 75%/25%; Check = 1.8 t/ha
Source: Sahota (Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station, Thunder Bay, ON)

A four year, two forage species N management study was conducted in Thunder Bay, ON at the Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station. Treatments included fall applied ESN, spring applied ESN:urea blends and traditional spring split urea application.

Yields were similar across treatments. However, fall applied ESN yielded numerically higher than other treatments. The flexibility and controlled release benefit of ESN allows for “protected” fall N application.

Additional convenience is provided by reducing spring workload and reducing cost over split application. As well, spring blends of ESN:urea provided numerically higher yield than split application – indicating that ESN protects N against early season loss potential and provides later season N to meet later season crop requirement.

ESN – flexible, protected, Smart N management.

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