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Top-Dress ESN Increases Corn Yields and Profit

ESN is the ideal nitrogen (N) source for top-dress applications on corn. ESN protects against N loss regardless of application timing. ESN is especially effective in top-dress applications in providing extended feeding for the late-season N needs of modern corn hybrids. Make ESN your choice for top-dressing corn.

This Michigan corn study demonstrates the advantage of protecting your nitrogen with ESN in top- or side-dress applications.

  • Top-dress ESN and ESN/urea blends increased corn yield by 9 to 18 bu/acre over conventional urea.
  • Profit increase over conventional urea was greatest with a blend of 75% ESN and 25% urea producing a profit increase of $37/acre.
  • A 50% ESN/urea blend produced a profit increase of $21/acre while 100% ESN produced the highest yield and profit increase of $33/acre.
Top-Dress ESN Increases Corn Yields and Profit
Source: Dr. K.Steinke, Univ of Michigan. Yields are averages of two N rates (75 and 150 lbs N/acre.) Fertilizers were broadcast with no incorporation at about V6 growth stage. The following assumptions were used for profit calculations: corn price = $3.50/bu; ESN price difference vs urea = $0.20/lb N.

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