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Wet Spring? Late Planting? ESN Is the Smart Choice for your Nitrogen Needs

The pre-plant application was made on May 5, and the side-dress application was made on June 20. The pre-plant application was incorporated, while the side-dress application was surface applied. Corn (DeKalb 46.61) was planted on May 24, and harvested October 27.

ESN provides flexible application options when the weather is not ideal. It is a controlled- release fertilizer, consisting of a urea granule, encapsulated in a polymer coating. ESN offers a wide window of application because its unique technology allows the N to release at a rate controlled by the same factors that spur plant growth.

While conventional urea must be applied within narrow time frames and sometimes under tightly restricted conditions, you can apply ESN at different times of year and under a greater variety of conditions and still be confident you’re getting the most from your N.

The chart below shows yields observed in a Michigan corn study.

  • 11.3 inches of rain fell during April and May, resulting in late planting and N loss conditions. 
  • Pre-plant application of 75-100% ESN protected the N investment and produced yield increases of more than 35 bu/A over urea alone.
  • All ESN applications, regardless of ESN blend percentage or timing, out-yielded top-dress urea.

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