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Wheat Top-dress Recommendations

Nitrogen fertilization is the first thing that comes to mind when top-dressing winter wheat. The need for other nutrients should also be considered with your nitrogen application and these nutrients are chloride, sulfur, copper, and manganese.

Chloride is a mobile nutrient and likely to be leached in the soil by precipitation. It is recommended as a “booster shot” for disease resistance.

Sulfur is important for chlorophyll formation and has a close relationship to nitrogen. It can increase nitrogen efficiency in the plant. Most soils where sulfur levels were very high are now deficient due to The Clean Air Act.

Copper is a critical nutrient for wheat development and while soil tests may not show deficiencies, the use of copper can reduce seasonal deficiencies created by cool, wet soil conditions.

Manganese can be tightly held by the organic matter and may not be readily available to wheat in the early spring. Adding manganese to wheat at green up will provide sufficient manganese until the soil warms up and begins releasing manganese held by the organic matter.

Wheat Top-dress Recommendations
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