ESN nitrogen release trial: Norwood, NC

Our colleagues at Nutrien Ag Solutions in Norwood, NC recently conducted a trial measuring ESN’s nitrogen release compared to urea. The team used seven-gram bags of ESN and measured its weight release through the proceeding weeks. The weight change was then correlated to the percent of nitrogen released from the ESN granules.

The video below details the research conducted by Clara Millsaps, Nutrien Ag Solutions research agronomist, Mark Smith, crop consultant and facility manager, and Nathan Moose, crop consultant.


In response to the record-breaking frost and cool weather from May 5 to 12, nitrogen release from week two to week three differed by only six percent. The timeframe will vary year to year due to temperature fluctuations. However, for Norwood, NC under the cool, wet spring that they experienced in 2020, the answer is 50 percent nitrogen release by week four and approximately V6 with 77 percent nitrogen released by week six. Urea (46-0-0) released 100 percent of its nitrogen by week one.

To view this data in person, stop by the Norwood, NC Nutrien Ag Solutions location.

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