ESN on the air

ESN on the air

Our ESN team of experts and agronomists love the opportunity to share ESN’s unique features and benefits with growers across the country. Recently, at the annual NAFB (National Association of Farm Broadcasters) Trade Talk event, our team caught up with several farm broadcasters to share updates on ESN’s field trials, ROI for growers, sustainability and more.

Farmers are interested in return on investment. How does an enhanced-efficiency fertilizer like ESN fit into a farm’s ROI? Brownfield Ag News’ Tom Steever speaks with John Niemeyer on the economics, ROI and overall efficiency of ESN.

Why do growers keep coming back to ESN after almost 20 years in the field? KQLX Farm Talk’s Mick Kjar interviews Dr. Blaylock, John Niemeyer and Stephen Johnson on ESN performance, ROI and stewardship.

What do we mean by “Smart Nitrogen”? KELO Newstalk’s Bill Zortman talks with Dr. Blaylock about why ESN is Smart Nitrogen, how to spend smartly on nitrogen fertilizer, and how ESN performs in different geographies.

ESN’s benefits to growers extend to crops, soil and their bottom lines. American Ag Network’s Kirsten Rall interviews John Niemeyer about ESN’s many benefits.

To learn more about how ESN works, watch this video.

To learn about the controlled release difference and what sets ESN apart, click here.

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