Take the ESN Virtual Farming Experience Through Corn, Cotton and Soybeans

You saw the power of ESN on potatoes in Idaho in this virtual farming experience. This month, we’ll travel to northeast Arkansas where ESN was put to the test on corn, cotton and soybeans.

In this ESN Virtual Farming Experience, Mike Howell, ESN Agronomist, shares the unique nitrogen needs of these three crops, plus the challenges of nitrogen retention in the Delta region. These trials tested different rates, methods and timing of ESN application.

“Nitrogen loss is really important to growers here in the Delta region,” Howell explains. “We can lose nitrogen to volatilization, leaching or denitrification.”

Watch a 360-degree animation of how ESN works to provide nitrogen to crops, and how it protects against loss.

Watch on your desktop by clicking and dragging your mouse on the video to see the 360-degree view, or search “ESN VR Crop Tour” on the YouTube app on your mobile device to watch using your favorite VR headset.

If you would rather zero in on ESN’s performance in just one of these crops, you can take a tour at the links below:

ESN Corn VR Crop Tour

ESN Cotton VR Crop Tour

ESN Potato VR Crop Tour

ESN Soybeans VR Crop Tour

If you are using a mobile device, open the YouTube app and search for the video title listed above.

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