Feeding the world from the palm of your hand

How will we sustainably feed 9 billion people by the year 2050? That question is becoming common in agriculture, yet it’s something most of our population has never considered.

That is why industry experts and educators collaborated to create Farmers 2050 – the newest virtual farm game on the market – to help teens and adults with little to no understanding about what it really takes to feed the world.

Players get to plant crops, raise animals and craft goods to sell in a virtual community all while managing the three pillars of sustainability: environment, economic and social. Along the way, real farmers from across the world are showing the players what they are doing on their farms every day.

Droughts occur, mortgage payments come due and farm chores never stop – but as players will learn, the rewards are also incredible.

In Farmers 2050, players will:

-Customize a farm

-Grow crops applying nutrients and water – watching out for pests, diseases and bad weather

-Harvest crops and upgrade equipment

-Raise livestock like dairy cows, honey bees and laying hens

-Hire workers to help with chores and to ensure the farm is sustainable

-Turn crops and animals into different products (like soup, juice sandwiches, fuel, diapers and sunscreen)

-Trade goods with farmers in other countries

-Protect the environment and give back to the community

-Make money by selling products made from the farm

-Watch videos to see what’s happening on real farms around the world


Help us teach the world what it takes to feed nine billion people by 2050. Spread the word to friends and family to download Farmers 2050 for free in the Apple and Google Play app stores.