From the Field: #Grow21 update with John Niemeyer

Young farmer working in a cornfield, inspecting and tuning irrigation center pivot sprinkler system on smartphone.

Too wet, too dry, just right—as growers across the country are deep into the 2021 growing season, ESN Marketing Representative John Niemeyer shares an update of what he is seeing in his territory across Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.


1. What are the current weather conditions in your area? 

Mostly good overall. There are small pockets of too wet and too dry.


2. How can ESN benefit the crops in these weather conditions?

For the growers that used ESN and have had an overabundance of rain they can rest assured that their nitrogen is protected from much of the loss that could have happened. The other opportunity is the application of ESN post applied. This is to add more nitrogen during kernel fill in fields that have had great weather, or lost some N. Using this method will allow growers to pull out the highest yield possible.


3. How did planting progress this year compare to other years? 

Planting progress because of the early warm, dry weather was completed early in most of the large corn-growing areas, especially in the northern areas of my geography.


4. What challenges do you expect growers to face this season? 

Maximizing yield where the weather lets them. With the grain prices above normal, extra products that can benefit yield look inviting. But agronomists and growers must be good analyzers of what will help and what will not. Soil and tissue tests can help identify this. But a good sense of knowing what the next weak link is can pay rewards.


 5. What opportunities might growers have this season? 

Trying and testing new products to maximize yields.


6. Have growers in your area made changes to what they are planting this year?

More corn overall, how much we will know in the next USDA crop report surveys completed by commodity groups.


7. Are you receiving more interest in ESN respective to prior years?

More questions on post-applied ESN to be used as a supplemental nitrogen.


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For questions on maximizing your ESN this season, get in touch with your local rep or submit a question to Ask The Agronomist.