From the Field: #Plant21 update with Kent Broscoff

Rows of corn field in in springtime. Horizontal view in perspective with cloud and blue sky background.

As growers gear up for planting season, ESN Marketing Representative Kent Broscoff provides an update of what he is seeing in his territory across Wisconsin and the Dakotas. From dry conditions to high commodity prices, Kent discusses how growers may maximize their return on investment this year.

Question: What are the current weather conditions in your area?

Answer: The snow and frost are mostly gone with not much ponding from runoff. Starting at Lake Michigan, it gets dryer as you go west, especially into the Dakotas.


Q: How much planting progress are you seeing so far?

A: None to date. If the current weather pattern continues, the central sands areas will get some potatoes planted in early April.


Q: What challenges do you expect growers to face this season?

A: Some of the bigger challenges will be from dry conditions. Some growers have talked about growing more soybeans, as with dry conditions, they generally put less inputs into this crop.


Q: What opportunities might growers have this season?

A: Opportunities can vary somewhat from area to area. I have had some conversations regarding how with the higher commodity prices, there is more interest in pushing the crop to higher levels with additional fertilizer, especially after (in some cases) cutting back and decreasing soil nutrient levels. A large amount of field work and fertilizer was applied last fall, so it could be a bit faster for planting progress this spring.


Q: What are the top crops grown in your area this year?

A: The top crops are corn, soybeans and wheat (mainly spring wheat).


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Happy #Plant21!