Good advice, good yields

Making smart input choices in the technologically complex agriculture industry is challenging. Many growers have found the path to success is paved with good advice – from trusted crop advisors.

Brad Burton grows grain and raises pork with his family at Delphi, Indiana. He counts on a range of experts to help him run a successful farming operation. “We surround ourselves with accountants, lawyers, agronomists – people who can bring out the best in us,” he says.

Burton says part of what has spurred him to involve experts is the rapid pace at which agriculture is changing. “In my generation of farming there have been exponential changes. It’s a challenge, and a little bit difficult to keep up with,” he says.

Burton counts on advice from his local Crop Production Services (CPS). “We put a lot of confidence in Crop Production Services out of Delphi when we’re making management decisions,” he says. “They do a great job of complimenting what we do in the farming industry.”

Terry Vissing raises corn, soybeans, wheat and cattle at Marysville, Indiana. He relies on advice from his Nutrien rep and CPS location at Scottsburg. “Nutrien has a good area seeds man and fertilizer experts. They’ve done a real good job in our area,” Vissing says.

His rep is also a small farmer. “He wears two hats. That’s important to me, because he sees the good and bad parts. He’s looking at the retail end and he’s also looking at it as a farmer,” says Vissing.

After watching his rep use it, Vissing decided to try ESN six years ago. “He’s a really innovative manager and farmer, and I started watching him use it. I was side-dressing with 28 percent and he said, “Why don’t you try ESN?”

When he found out ESN was a controlled-release polymer granule, he got on-board: “I started using the product, and really liked it, and saw some good yield gains.”

Being an advisor is easy when you believe in the product you’re educating farmers about. Kent Broscoff, Nutrien marketing rep, sure does. “I’ve watched ESN work myself, and it does what it’s supposed to do,” he says.

Broscoff enjoys helping farmers maximize nitrogen use efficiency. “In the territory I cover, they grow a wide variety, so there’s fertilizer applied so many different ways. I love seeing how different people use different farming techniques,” he says.

Managing nitrogen efficiently is becoming a bigger issue, Broscoff says, and ESN offers a solution. “With ESN we delay the nitrogen release, so we don’t lose as much to the environment. It’s a more natural release of nitrogen, which will be better for the environment over a long period of time,” he says.

Roger Gunning, Nutrien account manager and marketing rep, recognizes that his customers are placing their trust in him to provide a product that will do what it’s supposed to do. “I want to make a difference, and I think ESN is making a difference in agriculture. It’s a cutting edge product that does what it’s supposed to and I’m proud to get up and support it,” he says.

Like Broscoff, Gunning has found it interesting watching growers discover ways to use ESN.

“It’s not just corn pre-plant, it’s side-dress, early-post, or late application. We’re seeing it on soybeans and other crops that we wouldn’t have thought about in the beginning. That’s exciting. With our help, any grower that needs nitrogen can probably find a place for ESN,” says Gunning.