Hungry Canola – Feeding your bottom line

Supplying canola crops with the nutrients they need – when they need it – is a key factor for increasing yields. By following the 4Rs (right rate, right time, right source, right placement) farmers can make sure they are feeding both their crops and their bottom line.

Right rate and time…

Applying nitrogen (N) at the right time isn’t an easy task. Farmers know all too well how adverse weather conditions can limit the window of opportunity for application. Too much early-season N encourages lodging, depletes soil moisture and leaves less N for seed production, but applying N too late may cause crops to develop a nitrogen deficiency.

Nitrogen fertilizer must be in the root zone and available for uptake as crops enter their rapid growth period, perhaps within 3 weeks of seeding. High-yielding canola requires high N fertility, and to reach those high yields, farmers need a nitrogen product they can depend on to deliver nutrients when their crops need it.

On average, canola needs 2.9 to 3.5 pounds per acre of available N per bushel of seed yield. The best recommended practice is to apply the optimal amount of N needed to maximize ROI, which typically occur at an N rate slightly below that needed for maximum yield.

Right source…

When it comes to crop nutrition, the biggest return on investment comes from nitrogen that feeds growing plants.  In addition to the most obvious response of increased plant growth, N also increases:

– Canola leaf area index
– Leaf duration
– Plant weight
– Growth rates
– Number of flowering branches
– Number of flowers
– Plant height
– Number and weight of pods and seed yield.

ESN Smart Nitrogen is the right source for many nitrogen applications because it can improve overall N use efficiency and simplify decisions on rate, timing, and placement.

Right placement…

Placement of nutrients is critical to crop development, but some nutrients can be toxic to the crop if placed too close as it emerges. For those growers who apply N at planting, studies have shown ESN can be applied at up to three times the safe rate of urea and still be safe for the crop.

ESN Smart Nitrogen…

ESN was developed with the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship in mind—Use the Right nutrient source at the Right rate, at the Right time, and in the Right place. ESN should be a key part of any growers’ best management practices.