Maximizing your ROI with ESN

calculator and bank notes sitting on grain kernels demonstrating ROI with ESN

When evaluating if ESN is the right choice for your crops, the question shouldn’t be the cost, but the return on investment (ROI). ESN has been proven to offer a better ROI over conventional nitrogen because of its controlled release and ease of application.

The nitrogen inside ESN releases in response to soil temperature, ensuring the nitrogen is there when your crops need it, providing improved crop yields and quality. Not only does ESN help prevent loss of your nitrogen investment, it helps put more money in your pocket when your crops are harvested.

“ESN is something that has continuously stood out because of the return that comes back to the grower’s bottom line,” says John Niemeyer, ESN marketing representative. “There’s a continual push with keeping nitrogen where it belongs, making sure that what we put on the ground gets taken up by the crop, and ESN is a product that has proven well in those situations. We have growers that will use ESN year after year because they see the value in it.”

There are several important paybacks to growers using ESN: greater nitrogen use efficiency, which means a better crop for the input that you’ve put out there; reduced losses to the environment, leading to better air and water quality; and more profit for the farmer, because increased yield drives profitability.

“ESN delivers a return on investment to growers because you’re spoon-feeding that hybrid or that variety throughout the season,” explains Minnesota retailer Michael Brooks. “The more that you can spoon-feed nitrogen, the better off that plant will be and the more yield potential that you can gain.”

Growers and retailers alike are seeing the ROI difference ESN can provide. After using ESN for five years, Virginia grower Jimmy Oliver says ESN is a good return on his investment and he plans on using ESN as far into the future as he’s farming.

There’s no need to guess how much you could gain by using ESN. Our ROI calculator does all the work for you—just answer a couple of questions about your fields and crops to see the difference ESN can make on your farm.

Ready to increase yields, reduce nitrogen loss and improve your bottom line? Your local ESN representative can walk you through exactly how much ESN can boost your bottom line.

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