Meet E.S. Nitrogen, The Harder Working Nitrogen

When it comes to nitrogen fertilizer there are many options to choose from — but what if there was a nitrogen that could reduce nitrogen loss while giving your crops the nitrogen they need, when they need it?

We recently sat down with E.S. Nitrogen to talk about his experience in the field and why he’s the leading nitrogen choice for your crops. See our interview below.

Q: What’s the most difficult part of your job?

E.S. Nitrogen: You know, being nitrogen can be dangerous work. Loss is everywhere on the work site. One day you can be feedin’ a crop, no problem. Next day, BOOM, you’re leached.

Q: Is that what happened to your urea colleague Larry?

ESN: Larry? Ya, Larry got leached just last week. No notice, just WHAM, see ya later.

Q: How do you protect yourself from getting leached like Larry?

ESN: You know, I used to not take this gig too seriously. But I’ve got a wife and kids to think about now, so I wear this polymer coating. It protects me until plants need me. Heat waves, high wind, standing water or heavy rain. No big deal.

Q: It sounds like you’re responsive to all sorts of weather conditions. Is that what makes you stand out from other sources of nitrogen?

ESN: It’s actually why I just got promoted to Lead Nitrogen – on account of my ability to stay in the field for 50 to 80 days. It’s part of what being a smarter, more responsive nitrogen is all about.

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