Retailers share their perspectives on ESN Smart Nitrogen

Ag retailers are well-versed in the unique crop input needs of their customers, based on the local crops, geography, soil types and more. We’ve spoken with several ag retailers over the past year to learn more about why they recommend ESN Smart Nitrogen to their customers. Here are a few highlights from Craig Massey of Tennessee and Blair Mutcher of Manitoba.

Craig Massey, Retailer, Tennessee

“A steady supply of nitrogen is important because whether it’s soybeans in a pod or cotton in a boll, those bolls are bigger, the pods are bigger, it makes more yield for that producer. We can’t control the market, but what we can do is try to maximize the top yields that we can.”

“If a farmer hasn’t tried ESN, I’d say just take a field. 20 acres, 100 acres, just split a field and try it out. And look at the ease, the benefits, the even distribution, but also, look at the bottom end on the yield itself. If I can make you another 50 bushels of corn, or 20 bushels of beans, or 200 pounds of cotton, what else do I need to say? It speaks for itself.”

Hear more from Craig in this video.

Blair Mutcher, Retailer, Manitoba

“ESN is a product that when we put it in the field, we know that it will be there when the crop needs it.”

“Steady delivery of nitrogen on crops is very beneficial. If you’re using straight 46 product, it’s getting too much at the start and not enough at the end, where the ESN delivers throughout the whole season and just makes it healthier for the plant.”

“I think the environmental part of ESN is fantastic. Because here in the Red River Valley, we do get a lot of leaching in wet springs and summers where we get a tremendous amount of rain. If we can hold the nitrogen in the soil, available to the plant, we just do not get the runoff that we would with a straight nitrogen product.”

Hear more from Blair in this video.

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