Shannon Kessler, Retailer, Indiana

Shannon Kessler is a retailer in West-central Indiana who focuses primarily on corn and beans with a small amount of wheat. He services an area of approximately a 40-mile radius, which is where he has been selling ESN for over a decade. Kessler says that one of the biggest reasons he uses ESN with his growers is the flexibility of timing and application because it can be applied any time you want. You can have complete faith that the product is going to be there in 30, 50 or 60 days from when it is applied. Kessler also likes that he can cover 1,000 acres a day, compared to other forms of nitrogen where he could only cover a couple hundred acres per machine. He says he can cover 1,000 acres with one machine, be done, and go home to enjoy supper with his family.