A Smart Choice for Retailers

ESN Smart Nitrogen is a smart choice for retailers

More control over input costs

If you are an ESN retailer looking to help your customers manage their input costs, remind them that buying ESN at the same time they purchase urea makes sound economic sense.

Todd Latimer, Senior Marketing Manager for ESN, says that ESN pricing will largely follow the urea market. “ESN is comprised of urea; therefore, its price will generally trend in the same direction as the granular urea markets,” explains Latimer.

When growers purchase ESN at the same time they purchase other nitrogen inputs, it will help keep the spread in cost between urea and ESN constant. “Fluctuation in the urea market can distort the price difference if the purchase price of ESN isn’t locked in simultaneously,” adds Latimer.

Encourage your customers to have a plan for the year when it comes to nitrogen application. Forecast their nitrogen needs early to allow you to determine when and how much ESN will be required. By purchasing early, you can ensure your customers’ on-farm fertility needs are met.

The controlled-release solution

Currently, the only controlled-release product available for broad acre farming is ESN® SMART NITROGEN®. ESN consists of a urea granule encapsulated in a flexible polymer coating that releases nitrogen in response to soil temperature – an important trigger for plant growth. Unlike inhibitors or stabilizer products, ESN releases nitrogen when crops need it, reducing losses to the environment and improving yields.

Higher yields for your customers build trust in your recommendations. ESN’s consistent results keep customers coming back, year after year. Consistent performance means growers are also likely to increase the acres on which they use ESN. Plus, ESN won’t set up or degrade in storage, thanks to the polymer coating. That means you don’t have to worry about losing your investment and your customers can count on you for a quality product.

From retailer to customer, ESN is the smarter choice.

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