Smart Growers Share Their ESN Experiences

Growers across North America are seeing positive results in their fields from ESN Smart Nitrogen. We asked followers of @smartnitrogen on Twitter to tell us why choosing ESN was the smart choice for their farms. From first-time trials in Manitoba to long-time users in Nebraska, ESN users discuss how the nitrogen needs of a variety of crops were fulfilled throughout the growing season.

“After four years of using ESN in my corn production and having excellent results, I didn’t even think twice about using it as my primary source of N in my malt barley production. I know it will feed the crop over a longer period and help [maintain proper grain] protein.”

-Jessie P., Nebraska

“This will be my third year using ESN for top dress on my corn. It allows me to use less anhydrous upfront and provides season long nitrogen for a happy corn crop.”

-Paul T., Kansas

“This is year seven for us using ESN as a split N strategy. It helps with higher wheat protein, higher yields, less lodging, and less N loss. It’s a no brainer for us and we’re increasing our ESN rates at seeding time.”

-Kyle H., Manitoba

Whether in corn, canola, wheat or barley, growers like Dustin are experiencing ESN’s controlled-release difference first-hand.

“We have been using ESN for two years now and really like the idea of controlled release having the plant use the nitrogen when needed. This year we went from 20% to 40% of nitrogen and are excited to see the results, thanks to Crop Production Services and our great agronomist.”

-Dustin D., Saskatchewan

For growers committed to making economically and environmentally responsible decisions while still ensuring their crops are receiving the right nutrients at the right time, using a controlled-release N fertilizer like ESN is an excellent choice.

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