Spring Application Flexibility and ESN Smart Nitrogen

Too early, too late, too cold, too wet – these are just a few of the risks facing growers applying nitrogen from a conventional source. Increasingly volatile weather conditions are changing how farmers handle their crop nutrients, including nitrogen (N), a key crop nutrient that is significantly affected by weather. ESN Smart Nitrogen eliminates these challenges at application thanks to its ultimate application flexibility.

1. Greater timing options.

As one of the most limiting nutrients in crops, deciding when to put down a nitrogen application can be tough. Nitrogen use is maximized when it’s readily available to a growing plant. The unique polymer coating surrounding an ESN granule releases nitrogen to more closely match plant demand. ESN can be applied in adverse spring weather conditions so that your nitrogen is available when plants need it most, making the timing decision just a little bit easier.

2. More choices for where and when you want your N.

There’s no question that placing nitrogen close to a seed’s growing roots is ideal. If a plant starts out poorly it is difficult to get it back on track. Placing nutrients where the young seedling can access them will ensure that the plant will have better access to the nutrients when it needs them. ESN ensures this can be done safely, as the unique polymer coating protects nitrogen from harming the seed. ESN can be applied pre-plant, pre-seed or top-dressed  when it suits your schedule. This is the ultimate in fertilizer flexibility providing confidence knowing both your nitrogen and seed are safe, and ready to work when you need it.

3. Maximum Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Nitrogen is one of the most important and expensive inputs. Conventional nitrogen sources are highly susceptible to leaching, denitrification, and volatilization. Controlled-release fertilizers can make it easier to apply nitrogen without worrying about N loss due to adverse weather conditions. Widen your application window and reduce the need for multiple fertilizer applications – ESN Smart Nitrogen safeguards your N until it’s needed by the crop, releasing nitrogen when the crop needs it most. This protects the surrounding environment by greatly reducing leaching, volatilization and denitrification. ESN was designed to minimize nitrogen loss, so more nitrogen goes where it’s needed – and safely – to growing plants.

Improve your timing options and choices for where and when you want your nitrogen. ESN provides greater crop safety, productivity and returns on your investment. For more information and specific crop recommendations, visit http://smartnitrogen.com.