Spring wheat recommendations – the best time to plant and how ESN can help maximize profits

Spring wheat is an important crop in Western Canada and the Northern Plains of the US. Here are a few ways to help maximize the return on investment with spring wheat.

The best time to plant…

One of the most important factors for producing profitable spring wheat is planting on time.  Spring wheat thrives in a warm environment, making the spring and summer seasons the optimal time for growing and reaching maximum yields. Timelines will vary by geographical location, but spring wheat planting should generally occur between April and May – as soon as the last hard frost hits.

The importance of nitrogen…

Nitrogen is a critical nutrient for producing top yields of high quality wheat.  It is important to use this nutrient as efficiently as possible.

Wheat requires large amounts of N. Shortage of N will reduce yield and produce low protein wheat. The primary N deficiency symptom is leaf yellowing, starting with the older leaves. If N deficiencies are visible in the field, loss in yield potential has already occurred.

Maximizing profit and protein with ESN…

Wheat plants need N throughout the growing season. ESN protects N from loss inside its unique protective coating and supplies N to the crop when it is needed. By supplying N to the crop later in the growing season, more N is available for protein production in the grain. Most N uptake by a wheat plant takes place in the period of about 40-80 days after planting and continues up to 120 days after planting. ESN can be used to meet this season-long demand.

The proof is in your field…

– ESN has been seen to increase spring wheat yields and protein levels when applied at the recommended rate in optimal growing conditions. Growers have also reported profit increases from a blend of ESN and urea.
– ESN is compatible with no-till operations and is easy to blend. It will not set up in storage, giving it a longer shelf life.
– ESN provides a wider application window, allowing you to apply fertilizer when it’s convenient for you.

Take the guess work out of nitrogen application by using ESN Smart Nitrogen. With just one application at planting time, N will be available to your spring wheat when it needs it and will work all season long.