What is responsive nitrogen?

granule of nitrogen fertilizer in the soil

Growers are faced with many options when making their nitrogen decisions, including the source, rate, timing and application method. When considering such a valuable input, growers should demand a nitrogen that isn’t just effective but responsive.

Choosing responsive nitrogen means choosing a fertilizer that will work for you throughout the growing season. Responsive nitrogen responds to the same environmental cues as your crop to provide your crop with this critical nutrient, regulating the exposure of N to the environment while gradually feeding the crop.

ESN® SMART NITROGEN is a urea granule encapsulated in a flexible polymer coating that protects nitrogen from loss mechanisms and controls its release to deliver nitrogen when the plant needs it most. We call it responsive because the rate at which ESN releases its nitrogen is regulated by soil temperature.

ESN’s release is temperature sensitive; it releases slower in cool temperatures. ESN applied in cool soils before spring planting will release more slowly while the crop is small and growing slowly. As the soil warms and crop growth increases, ESN release increases. This temperature-controlled mechanism naturally synchronizes N release to crop demand.

Hundreds of university studies on various crops have demonstrated excellent ESN performance as a single N application at or before planting. This University of Arkansas study demonstrates how ESN can increase yields in irrigated corn production. Corn plants need N throughout the growing season, with most N uptake in the period of about 40-80 days after planting and continuing up to 120 days after planting. ESN protects nitrogen from loss inside its unique protective coating and supplies N to the crop when it is needed. The result is increased yields and improved N-use efficiency.

Learn how ESN works and how it reduces N loss.

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